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TITLE : The Biology Of Desire Why Addiction Is Not A Disease

The biology of desire says a lot about the brain mechanisms underpinning addiction but to its credit does not stop there with minor exceptions we do not help addicts and they do not help themselves by ministering directly to their brainsthrough the vivid true stories of five addicts a neuroscientist explains how addiction happens in the brain and what we can do to overcome iti found the biology of desire to be a powerful enlightening and interesting read that gave me a good understanding of addiction how the brain works why it changes and why addiction should not be considered a diseasethe biology of desire why addiction is not a disease marc d lewis neuroscientist lewis memoirs of an addicted brain presents a strong argument against the disease model of addiction which is currently predominant in medicine and popular culture alike and his new book the biology of desire why addiction is not a disease argues that considering addiction as a disease is not only wrong but also harmful rather he argues addiction is a

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