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TITLE : Insulin Murders

I was asked to review this book as someone who enjoys reading sick serial killer novels charming but i have to admit that it probably is the sort of book i would reach for should i be browsing the shelves of the rsm bookshopit is discussed in much more detail in dr marks book insulin murders true life cases von blow was initially convicted for using insulin in the attempted murder of his wife sunny but the conviction was overturned during a second trial this episode was the subject of the moviemurder by insulin the brain was said to contain insulin demonstrable by an immunochemical method but the methodology is suspect and has never been repeatedcontributorship vm and cr collaborated in writing insulin murders acknowledgements none this is the first in a series of articles adapted from the book insulin murders by vincent marks and caroline richmond isbn 13 978 1 85315 760 8insulin murders is the first book on the market to describe real life cases of murder and purported murder using insulin and other hypoglycaemic agents as a murder weapon

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