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TITLE : The Fasting Cure

The fasting cure page 5 quoted many letters which are genuine and beyond dispute the cures which they record are altogether without precedent i thinkdear internet archive supporter i ask only once a year please help the internet archive today most cant afford to give but we hope you canin the cosmopolitan magazine for may 1910 and in the contemporary review london for april 1910 i published an article dealing with my experiences in fastinguser review flag as inappropriate an interesting perspective on fasting from over 100 years ago if the clogged up pinhead who wrote the previous review had bothered to read the book he would know the upton sinclair did not recommend fasting for 50 days nor did he recommend fasting until one became a skeletonupton sinclair was not only a prolifc and much admired author but also a follower of bernarr macfaddens physical culture movement see his physical culture cook book 1901 and a member of the editorial staff of physical culture magazine

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