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TITLE : Faces Of Homelessness

Faces of homelessness was created to introduce presentations given by members of the speakers bureau the speakers bureau is a program of the national coalition for the homeless that is homeless people show their homes and share personal insights candid and compelling stories you can help homeless people survive find housing and rebuild their lives learn more at joppaorgthe national coalition for the homeless faces of homelessness speakers bureau conducts presentations at schools places of worship conferences for profit businesses non profit organizations and special events both in and out of the greater washington dc metropolitan areasince 1999 the dc based speakers bureau has given over 3300 presentations to a combined total of over 180000 audience members speakers bureaus nationwide under the umbrella of nchs americorps project have also given thousands of presentations across the countrythe best way to see the homeless is to view them as people they dont necessarily fit the mold created by hollywood some could easily pass you on the street and not stand out as different from any other pedestrian

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