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TITLE : The White House In Miniature

As seen at the gerald r ford presidential museum in grand rapids michigan in march 2009 pretty impressivethe miniature white house is accurate and is built on a one inch to one foot scale it has replicas of paintings furniture current colors and wallpaperthere are always rooms to change details to perfect and more people to expose to the magical creation that is the white house in miniature photos by kathleen culbert aguilar and caption information from the book by gail buckland the white house in miniature wwnorton and co 1994the white house in miniature gail buckland john zweifel kathleen culbert aguilar gerald ford betty ford on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers john and jan zweifels meticulous recreation of the white house is captured in full color illustration considered to be one of the worlds greatest miniature housesa detailed illustrated book by gail buckland the white house in miniature was published in 1994 and features an extensive history of the replica its creators and features a photographic tour of all the miniature rooms

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